We believe

Our process is born out of the understanding that serving the needs of our clients over the needs of our business is better, in the long run, for both of us.


Since our founding, the Hungry process has been a difficult one to nail down. Over the past two years, we’ve veered wildly between the routine and the non-traditional, and we’ve learned that our clients value structure and openness in equal parts. But how do you combine the two and scale an agency?

By building a team in which every member is a specialist and a strategist. It’s a relatively simple idea, but an uncommon practice: we see every conversation, email, meeting, Slack message, and text as a strategic engagement. And our clients, who are accustomed to the rigidity of the traditional model — account executives, invisible talent, the post-signing bait-and-switch — grow to trust us as all-purpose sounding boards as a result.

Admittedly, sometimes the adjustment takes a minute, but it almost always takes place, because we launch on time, hit our targets, and get a bit of recognition for doing so. The road there is just one you probably haven’t been down before. And we’re proud of that.


Size is less important to us than expertise. We like clients who are leaders — current or future — in their respective fields, who can tell us why they're leaders, and who are open to our ideas on how best to share that reason with the world.


Brady Donnelly

Managing Director

David Mitchell

Creative Director

Quaison Carter

Marketing Director

Michael Rispoli

Engineering Director