We sometimes have more to say than our clients want to hear, so we share our extra thoughts with the media. Here are some of our most recent clippings.


Donnelly said in a statement that the two agencies had developed a “strong relationship” in the past two years and called the acquisition “a natural next step for us both, as we share similar visions for our companies.”

Figliulo&Partners Acquires Digital Startup Agency to Strengthen Its In-House Expertise

by Lindsay Rittenhouse | November 15th

“As for why luxury brands might be adopting the model, it’s likely the result of “their sales channels being tapped out and boring,” said Ashwin Deshmukh, the director of insights at the digital agency Hungry. “There’s no really great creative coming out of any of the big houses, so they’re using the drop model to create artificial scarcity and regain excitement.”

How luxury brands are co-opting the streetwear market

by Jessica Schiffer | October 23rd

“The strongest Twitter users share this extremely nuanced, somewhat cynical type of short-form humor that gives the platform its distinct voice,” said Brady Donnelly, managing director at creative agency Hungry.

Why Marketers Are Concerned That 280-Character Tweets Will ‘Dilute’ Twitter’s Marketing Potential

by Lauren Johnson | September 27th

Huffington Post
It’s also not just the big reveal that’s dead. It’s that the working client relationship on the whole is changing — it’s no longer about a single campaign idea with a single deployment, but a single campaign idea that is constantly refined based on the effectiveness we’re now able to measure.

Death of the Big Reveal

by David Mitchell | March 28th

“Direct-to-consumer brands should rely on either strategic retail or their own experiences to elevate their brand positioning,” said Ashwin Deshmukh, a partner at the digital agency Hungry. Companies can’t rely on digital numbers alone to gauge the size and demographics of their customer base, he noted, and holding events can provide a better understanding. But the type of event you throw matters, too: “If you can provide something at the intersection of utility and entertainment, that’s your best shot at creating real brand advocacy.”

How lingerie startup Lively is using IRL events to boost customer loyalty

by Jessica Schiffer | March 22nd

Fast Company
“There’s a really good chance in a small town in rural Alabama, that’s not the type of media they’re consuming—they’re perhaps not even using Snapchat. It might be the local hero is the coach of the football team or the mayor. Or maybe the football team is the center of social life there. How do we reach them and how do we reward them when they win?”

Can This Hipster Hangout Get Red & Blue America Talking?

by Rina Raphael | March 13th
“A stodgy employer--one who is unwilling to even entertain new approaches--exemplifies the traditional corporate structure all Millennials have been trained to avoid. When a Millennial looks around and sees his or her friends in environments where their creativity and ingenuity are valued and implemented and growth is possible, corporate stability and a competitive salary begin to lose their shine.”

11 Tips for Working With Millennials... From Bosses Who Know

by John Brandon | March 13th

But this marks the first time they’re addressing their complicated history so bluntly. “In doing so, I think they’re able to own the dialogue and push it beyond the most obvious critical angles — mainly, that Abercrombie is a dated, ’90s brand,” said Brady Donnelly, another partner at Hungry. “It’s really difficult to criticize a brand for being aware of its own shortcomings and making an overt, considered effort to overcome them.”

An inclusive new campaign from Abercrombie acknowledges its complicated history

by Jessica Schiffer | February 23rd

“I’m following BDDW, WorkOf, and Normann Copenhagen, each of which manages to infuse a bit of culture with really impressive photography. Together, those elements kind of alleviate the intrusive feel of a brand that is constantly pushing its own product, which is still the majority of brands. Plus, I love the products of these brands in particular.”

The Recommendation Engine: Hungry's Brady Donnelly

by Ilyse Liffreing | February 17th

“All of a sudden, customer service and marketing live in one place, and a brand can support their top users who then feel incredibly empowered and excited,” said Ashwin Deshmukh, partner at Hungry, a full-service digital agency specializing in everything from strategy to digital marketing. “I see it as an empathy play, and I’d be interested to see which brands start hiring from their Slack community and how they balance community with the impulse to sell in the channel.”

How digital publishers are using Slack to drive reader engagement

by Jessica Schiffer | February 2nd